READ FIRST! Regarding AOM 0.6 Feature requests

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READ FIRST! Regarding AOM 0.6 Feature requests

Post by PetriW »

While aom 0.6 is very lacking in features lots of them are on the way or simply disabled at the moment. If you have a feature request please discuss it with me first in #aom to see if it's on the way or not.

If I ask you to post a feature request please do so in the anidb tracker here:

Be sure to set the project to AniDBOMatic.
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Post by taltamir »

#aom on which IRC network?
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Post by Sneak »

/me really stupid or link to tracker dead? You choose :)
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Post by suppy »

link to tracker is dead - your best option is probably to talk to him on IRC

and for taltamir (though that's an old old old post ;)) - it's #aom on