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Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 8:16 pm
by OnegaiNL
nwa wrote:hmm.. yeah, this seems interesting... my only question is, would that growth graph include all the previously added mylist entries, I mean... it should as they are all date-marked.. just checking :P

but in any case, it really sux to be not patient when it comes to exp implementing new features, I feel sorry for you :lol:
i think it should be possible if AniDB log's what date people have added the files

it should take a few things like
kinda obvious ;)

to see how much size it has grown in the past years/months/days

to see how much files has been added since....'blablabla' lol

Length of Videofile (Optional)
something like... your mylist has grown by 3 hours (day view) 20 minutes and 40 seconds (and miliseconds if it's used... but most of the files don't use it and i don't think it's needed)