Use NTFS ADS (for 0.6)

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that's a nice thinking... it solve some of my problems

Post by n4rut0 »

... most of my files move from drive to drive sometimes per year(those never ending unfinished series). I know this isnt normal but what if the file gets corrupted in that file moving operation? ... i got a whole drive corrupt cuz a bad ram memory when i brought a new usb drive... and my new ( now old ) 1gb dual something memory. maybe the ads will get corrupt and AoM will rehash the file but what if the ADS doesnt get corrupt? ... AoM will believe the file is ok when it isnt?.

Btw... thnx to AoM i knew something was wrong with my Comp... without it maybe i'd still be using those damn memories.
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Post by PetriW »

AOM 0.6 will never ever trust the file to be correct. If it needs to retreive new information (like codec data) the file be rehashed. The ads thingie includes a verification hash which is checked when the file is loaded, if it is wrong or the last update time on the file changes the file is considered unknown and will be rehashed.

This stuff is already in the current beta.