[MOVE][FILE]Malice@Doll (4101)

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[MOVE][FILE]Malice@Doll (4101)

Post by eliasna » Sun Aug 06, 2006 5:42 pm

I recently got a message saying RIP's file for Malice@Doll was moved. It was moved to episode 1. I'm sure why it was since it isnt just episode 1. The file itself is 01:18:43 long NOT the 25 mins it is stated to beand it is around 700MB in size. the time seems to indicate, if the episodes are indedd 25 mins long, that all 3 are in one file from this group.

FID is 247326

Der Idiot
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Post by Der Idiot » Sun Aug 06, 2006 5:54 pm

see the filerelations which clearly state that the file covers all 3 eps.

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Post by Rar » Sun Aug 06, 2006 5:56 pm

Edited highlights:

<lordpake> and why is there 3 eps, and only one by rip and then rip is marked as complete?
* lordpake is confused
<raptor455> well its a 1:30 movie why it was divided in 3 parts in anidb is beyong me
<DerIdiot> because it was released as 3 ova
<DerIdiot> and then munched together for the r1
<lordpake> then shouldn't the rip release be some special?
<raptor455> thats what i was thinking
<raptor455> and when we added it i think it was still only one entry for malice hence the complete status
<DerIdiot> i changed that like 4 h ago
<DerIdiot> http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=233772
<lordpake> well then can you add there a psecial and move that rip release under it?
<lordpake> *special even
<DerIdiot> no need for that
<DerIdiot> the multiep files will get moved bakc to regular files soonish (read once the new animepage is in) anway
<DerIdiot> i set the relations for the file. but the current interface just can't handle it
<raptor455> hehe cool finally :D
<DerIdiot> but fahrenheit is on holiday currently so dev is stalled for the mom
<DerIdiot> http://pwp.netcabo.pt/fahrenheit/projec ... nime&aid=1
<DerIdiot> preview
<DerIdiot> input can be given here: http://www.anidb.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5374