[EDIT][ANIME][RELATIONS]Kakyuusei (1999) - Kakyuusei 2

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[EDIT][ANIME][RELATIONS]Kakyuusei (1999) - Kakyuusei 2

Post by yukimayuki » Sun Aug 21, 2005 8:45 pm

Currently, Kakyuusei (1999) has a prequel-sequel relation to Kakyuusei 2.

Kakyuusei 2 is not a sequel to Kakyuusei (1999). Setting and characters are completely different. There is no connection between the storylines either. If any, there would be an "other" relation.

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Post by Rar » Sun Aug 21, 2005 9:07 pm

I imagine the game Kakyuusei 2 was the sequel to Kakyuusei, and being h you get a new cast (as you've already f... er... got to know all the other ones), and the anime are based on the two different games. Beggered if I know what the best rel is though, other seems a bit weak.


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Post by yukimayuki » Mon Aug 22, 2005 6:18 am

Well, it is depending on your underlying definition of "sequel". Much like Final Fantasy, where the next one can be called a sequel.

But, I use the one on the the Add Relations Page:
sequel: Direct continuation of the story.
prequel: Story that happens before the original.
But, I can understand your point given to the nature of H games.

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Post by Amour » Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:35 pm

I will agree with Yukimayuki. If we had Final Fantasy games in AniDB, we wouldn't describe them as Sequel/Prequel because we have more precise possibilities for the relations.... err... it would be "Other". :lol:

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Post by DonGato » Tue Aug 23, 2005 12:02 am

If you don't have a proper relation then why use something besides "other"?
"Kakyuusei, or "Lower Classmates" was first released as a videogame after the success of Doukyuusei 2 (In fact, Doukyuusei is the sixth most popular bishoujo game of the 20th Century. Doukyuusei 2 is fifth and Kakyuusei is tenth!); and the release of the OVA series has been anxiously anticipated by fans of the series. Earlier, Pink Pineapple had produced another, independent, OVA series named Kakyuusei, which was brought to America as First Loves by ADV. One should never confuse the two series - the current Kakyuusei OVAs are the "Studio Elf version", and might be called the "true" Kakyuusei, since they are directly based on the videogame.

"The OVA story focuses on Yuuki Mizuho, the main female character, Kamiyama Miko and Nagase Tooru, the main male character made for the OVA. In the creation of this OVA series, however, it was decided to take a rather unique approach... Two version of the last OVA was made: one for general audience, and one for over 15 years old, which features an extra scene.

"After the inital success of the OVA, a second series, but this time for the TV was made. Also called Kakyuusei, it features the same character cast, including some that only had a cameo in the OVA, but a different story. It focuses on Minamisato Ai, and introduces a different male character, Yamaguchi Tsuyoshi. It spanned 13 episodes and one extra side story episode."
Here's the complete list:

Kakyuusei OVA (1995)(4 episodes) - Each episode was adult. This is unrelated to all the other Kakyuusei anime listed below. As Thorgal said the first two episodes of this anime were released in English as "First Loves".

Elf ban Kakyuusei OVA (1997-1998)(4 episodes) - This was based off the ELF Kakyuusei romantic love game. It centered on Mizuho and Miko. The fourth episode had an adult and non-adult version made for it. The adult version of the fourth episode came out on laserdisc and VHS and had a two minute H-scene at the very end of it. The non-adult version of the fourth episode came out on R2 DVD and didn't have the H-scene, but added two extra scenes that the adult version doesn't have. They added a scene of Mizuho brushing her teeth and a scene near the very end of the final couple talking about their relationship.

Kakyuusei TV series (1999)(13 episodes + 1 bonus episode) - This was also based off the ELF Kakyuusei romantic love game, but unlike the Elf OVA it centered mainly on Ai and Miyuki. Mizuho had a very small role in this one.

Kakyuusei 2 TV series (2004) - This was based off the ELF Kakyuusei 2 game and had entirely different characters from the earlier Kakyuusei TV and Elf ban Kakyuusei OVA anime.

I assume they're going to sub the non-adult version of episode four.
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