[Misc][aid=1312] AppleeSeed 2004 trailers

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[Misc][aid=1312] AppleeSeed 2004 trailers

Post by Egh0st » Wed Aug 03, 2005 2:17 am

Adding file lengths automatically is a great idea :P

Now for appleseed trailers we can see different episodes... At least I hope :P

[S1_Trailer] 1min *official!!!*, it's 1:15-1:17 long. Officially released as .mov file long 1:17s. DVD rip of that trailer (hi-quality fid:163232, which I added 2anidb) is 1:15. Both videos are essentially same. The episode is correctly marked as 1min long.

[S2_Trailer], marked as **2min long**

Contains what I reckon as another trailer, fid:41726, which is different in content to S1 and is pretty much same length. 1:16.

fid:85623, though, is 0:32 long and is different in content both to S1 and S2 trailers. Judging from the ending frame this one is the earliest trailer, since the text "Spring 2004" there, not "4.17" like in S1 and S2.

I dont pwn fid:97971, but judging from filelength, it's 1:18 long so can be either of the trailers (S1 or S2).

fid:85899 is clearly something else again, it's 3:25 long.

So suggestion would be to correct S2 length, and possible create additional specials for trailers. Or, just put all the trailers in one Special and don't bother about the difference ^^