[REMOVE][ANIME] Lupin Sansei: Secret File

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[REMOVE][ANIME] Lupin Sansei: Secret File

Post by NGEfreak » Sun Jul 10, 2005 7:24 pm

http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... me&aid=988

Lupin Sansei: Secret File (aid=988) should be removed from the db. It's not a new OVA series, just a compilation of the pilot film and trailers, openings, etc.

Secret File Vol. 1 contains the original version and the cinemascope version of the pilot film and a few trailers of some theatrical movies (Cagliostro, etc).

Secret File Vol. 2 contains only openings/endings of the TV series and theme songs from the movies.

The following should be done with the two added files:

fid=153148 (#1) contains just the original version of the pilot film. It should be moved to the Pilot Film anime (aid=3181).

fid=19317 (#S1) contains the complete Vol.1 of Secret File (not Vol.2!). I guess the best would be to create a new special episode entry to the Pilot Film anime (aid=3181) and move the file there.


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Post by Thibi » Mon Aug 08, 2005 8:54 am

just a little question, why are those 2 files then situated under OVA-section on http://www.lupinencyclopedia.com/conten ... /10/56/70/ ?