Do not allow lame files to be created [DENIED]

old granted and denied CREQs

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Do not allow lame files to be created [DENIED]

Post by egg »

The system currently allows users to create 5 file records without ed2k hashes. Is there any reason to continue allowing this, especially with generic files it should not be necessary anymore... There appear to be more requests lately where users are creating lame files that need to be merged back to the original...
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Post by exp »


the idea behind allowing lame files is/was that it allows one to add a file before the actual hash values are known. which can come in handy if you already have the other data for the file entry (like resolution, bitrates, codecs, ...).
the actuall hashes can then be added once they are available, either by the original owner of the file entry or by any other user via creq.

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Post by wahaha »

How about sending those who added lame files a reminder after a while (e.g. 2 weeks), asking them to add the missing hashes to their file-entry? Preferrably a single message with a link to ... b&do=files (instead of one message for each file ^^)

Such messages could also be extended to people who have a lame file in their list.
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Post by Skywalka »

I asked for this ages ago and am currently thinking that with generic files in place, there really is no reason for having files without CRC in the list. Do we really need input from users who do not know how to CRC-verify their files? I think not. That time has passed, and if there are files where the group does not hand out CRC verification, I think we don't need their files in the database.

But since I know EXP thinks different I agree to what wahaha suggested - at least notify the people that AniDB needs to have hashes to identify files. If no hashes are added, people should rely on generic files for it is impossible to "identify" a file without a hash.
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Post by Amour »

Well, you know my point of view about this.