File refuses to be verified

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File refuses to be verified

Post by HiEv »

I've been using AVDump (v0.31) to verify any files that aren't already verified, and I've come across one file that refuses to be verified:

Eyeshield 21 - ep.62 (by Saizen Fansubs) ... fid=296478

I've sent the dump three times in the last dozen days and it still says "not verified". Here's the dump output:

Code: Select all

Waiting for response from AniDB... (Ctrl-C to break)
F:\Movies\Eyeshield 21\[Saizen]_Eyeshield_21_-_62_[DVD][CC7E76C1].mp4
  crc : cc7e76c1
  ed2k: 3deb18207054521cd7621ecba3180700
  md5 : eec0e0ffe628c38c41a1cafd0216596d
  sha1: 72e107eb8578bd97895e00b00576f121f5d4cda4
  tth : hmtbol7qwgnrlluiiiteyzd7uo2ylu5hkvgxcfa
 Duration: 00:22:16 (1336)
 Track #1: video
  lang: ja (2)
  codc: avc1 -> H264/AVC (22)
  reso: 640x480 -> 4:3
  fram: 23.976 fps
  rate: 1330 kbps (1330.15)
  dura: 00:22:16 (1336)
  size: 0.00 B (0)
 Track #2: audio
  lang: ja -> Japanese (2)
  codc: A_AAC/MPEG4/LC -> AAC (9)
  chan: 2 -> Stereo
  samp: 48000 Hz
  rate: 130 kbps (129.51)
  dura: 00:22:16 (1335.87)
  size: 0.00 B (0)
 Sizes: (check sanity)
  disk: 233.10 MB (244422170)
  trac: 0.00 B (0) [based on track size]
  bitr: 232.47 MB (243762404) [based on bitrate]
  tdif: 233.10 MB (244422170) 100.00%
  bdif: 644.30 KB (659765) 0.26%
OK 0.31 - 250206
Any idea what's going wrong?
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Post by epoximator »

if a file is dumped before it's registered in anidb the dump will not have a file relation, meaning the fid is set to 0. when the file is added the fid should be updated with the newly created id .. and if deleted again .. set back to 0. meaning the dump<->file checking saabis don't have to be run. however, since i was lazy at the time, ed2k creqs will not update the fid .. and that's exactly what happened here. the file was added without ed2k and then creqed later. anyway .. fixed now with the saabis, 7 dumps were stuck. nice story, eh?
Posts: 82
Joined: Fri Sep 08, 2006 3:34 am

Post by HiEv »

epoximator wrote:nice story, eh?
I reported a problem with one file and that led to seven files getting fixed.

I'm happy with it. :) :)