Found a bug in AOM.5? Check this first.

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Found a bug in AOM.5? Check this first.

Post by PetriW »

A lot of errors in aom is caused by api changes the client can't handle. The 0.5 client doesn't properly wipe old data before inserting new when the tcp api is "reset". (.6 does but it's not useful yet as many of you know...)

So how do you fix this?
If you get some weird error, almost every time the way to fix it is to open the kowai folder in the aom folder and delete all files that don't start with "local_".
The local_ files contain your local settings and so far the only reason I've seen for those to go bad is hardware error. The other files contain data from anidb, data which is only modified if the tcp api says so, never by a client setting.

If you want to backup your aom client just copy the local_* files to another folder. Then you can restore it with any recent 0.5 version. Eventually there might be an import utility for 0.6 after it's released if there's enough demand but do NOT take that as a promise.

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