[AOM 0.5.3]File not present in anidb, but CRC is even[NOBUG]

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[AOM 0.5.3]File not present in anidb, but CRC is even[NOBUG]

Post by miracle15 »

i have a problem that he doesn't want to at a file to my mylist, even though the CRC and the md5 and Sha1 checksum are all the same.
[08.03.2005 15:05:41] - The file "q:\anime a-e\Air\[Lunar] Air - 07 [469BCC78].avi" is not present in AniDB, ignoring!
Fileinformation in Filemanager:
ed2k://|file|[Lunar] Air - 07 [469BCC78].avi|245399552|1ec3f8b202cb0d2cc2aec95cdc5b439a|/
fileinformation in anidb:
is it the difference in one number in the ed2k link that he created?


also this part of the ed2k link isn't even listed in the filemanager ...
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Post by PetriW »

AniDB is ed2k based, thus if the ed2k is wrong the file does not exist. Crc md5 ans sha1 are not regarded when identifying unique files.

This is not an AoM bug, especially since it's not the ed2k hash but the SIZE of the file that is wrong.