[webAOM 1.19k] wrong renaming with %cen-tag

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[webAOM 1.19k] wrong renaming with %cen-tag

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Hi again,

when renaming files, often the wrong data is added with the %cen-tag:
A file (for example FID 194567) that is labeled in AniDB as "unc" is renamed as "cen" or vice versa (FID 379943).

Just to be sure, here is my script for the renaming (the %cen-tag is used in the last line):
IF I(eng) DO SET '%eng' //make sure there is an English title set
ELSE DO SET '%ann' //otherwise use the romaji
IF X(1) DO ADD ' - %epn' //If it is a movie use the epname only. generally would be Complete Movie or Part X of Y
ELSE IF T(!Movie);E(^Volume \d$) DO ADD ' - %enr' //just to avoid things like "animename - 1 - Volume 1 ..."
ELSE IF X(!1) DO ADD ' - %enr - %epn' //in "normal case" use the epnumber and epname (if it is not a movie and epname does not include "Volume")
#IF G(!unknown) DO ADD ' [%grp]' //use group short name if group exists
#ELSE DO ADD ' [no group]' //otherwise mark so
IF D(japanese);D(english);S(!english) DO ADD ' (DUAL JAP+ENG)' //add (DUAL JAP+ENG) if the file is JAP+ENG audio
ELSE IF D(japanese);D(german);S(!english);S(!german) DO ADD ' (DUAL JAP+GER)' //add (DUAL JAP+GER) if the file is JAP+GER audio
ELSE IF D(japanese);S(none) DO ADD ' (RAW)' //Add (RAW) if the file is not subbed and with original japanese audio
ELSE IF D(japanese);S(!english);S(!german) DO ADD ' (RAW)' //Add (RAW) if the file is subbed other than german or english and with original japanese audio
ELSE IF D(english);D(!japanese) DO ADD ' (DUB ENG)' //if file has only english audio mark it so
ELSE IF D(german);D(!japanese) DO ADD ' (DUB GER)' //if file has only german audio mark it so
ELSE IF D(instrumental) DO ADD ' (INST)' //mark as instrumental if necessary
ELSE IF D(!japanese);S(!english) DO ADD ' (DUB %dub)' //if it is something else, list whatever the language is...
IF S(!english);S(!none) DO ADD ' (SUB %sub)' //If it is subbed in another language than english, list the language (i.e. SUB GER)
IF I(cen) DO ADD ' (%cen)' //add (cen) or (unc)