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*[BUG] fixed bug where `epp` can be set to whatever @ latest files
*[BUG] fixed typo `Auido` @ profile
*[BUG] fixed typo in myliststate help resource
*[BUG] killed old help page
*[BUG] hid `Your Vote` when not logged in @ latest reviews
*[BUG] fixed "locked title" issue on revoke of add anime request
*[BUG] fixed lang pref bug @ mylist compare (413)
*[BUG] back button fix @ add anime page (408)
*[BUG] fixed type edit bug @ add anime title page
*[MISC] killed old `year` field
*[MISC] merged `latest additions` and `latest reviews`
*[MISC] changes in ag state, zero normal eps -> n/a.
*[MISC] `epp` preserved when changing type @ latest
*[MISC] removed mass add link - changed the add* link texts @ anime page
*[FEAT] added type 1 to addanimetitle, all types creqable
*[FEAT] added `feedback` to myreviews
*[FEAT] "remember" where to go after login
*[FEAT] filter by mylist + rar`s title search @ adv. search
*[FEAT] added revoke vote @ group page (430)
*[FEAT] hid reviews/animeatt page when airing not ended (452)
*[FEAT] added `latest completed anime` (a<->g) (463)
*[FEAT] changed default behavior @ latest files/pref lang

Mod only:
*[MISC] removed `sub languages` and `resolutions` from cat page
*[FEAT] merged file/streams creqs
*[FEAT] made `show automated` really show all automated and not just trusted. also added possibility to only show trusted
*[MISC] all next behavior now should follow the creq type; normal, automated, trusted
*[MISC] default behavior on creq action now is back to creq and show message
*[MISC] many minor changes in layout ++ @ creq page
*[FEAT] added del creq support
*[FEAT] new avmf page
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*[BUG] disallow type change for romaji titles
*[BUG] fixed review air/end date constraint @ animeatt page
*[BUG] fixed air date period @ adv. search (541)
*[BUG] fixed mylist expand issue (399)
*[FEAT] added review votes @ vote page (no redir., incl. old type votes) (410, 508)

Mod only:
*[FEAT] merged track creqs on fid
*[FEAT] show type change in title creqs
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*[BUG] title pref fix @ mylist of other user
*[BUG] fixed special epno @ export (518)
*[BUG] hid owner in title creqs @
*[FEAT] layout changes @ file page and creq pages
*[FEAT] added `mod message`
*[FEAT] hentai filter @ myvotes (543)
*[MISC] iso8601 dates @ xml
*[MISC] restrict verified files
*[MISC] restrict files with pending autocreqs

mod only
*[MISC] granting related file/stream creqs in one transaction
*[MISC] allow streamno switching
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*[FEAT] search norel redirect (542)
*[FEAT] added relations, producers and aproducers to latest
*[MISC] removed title from anime edit (438)
*[MISC] added epp for mydb
*[MISC] killed group ircpass
*[MISC] remember guest pass (554)
*[BUG] fixed ed2kdump (548, 547)
*[BUG] fixed tyop (551)
*[BUG] fixed userlist (553, 396, 278)
*[BUG] fixed addseq add bug
*[BUG] fixed addseq report feature
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* fixed `Undefined subroutine &adbs_addep::amp called at /var/www/anidb/perl*bin/subs/ line 105. ` @ del ep
* added `onlynotif`, `onlyraw`, `onlyalang`, `onlyslang` filters to latest completed
* added language icons for latest completed
* added filelist to ep
* fixed aproducer creq fields
* added my vote column to mylist table
* agcmts edit (558)
* minor stuff (523, 402, 316)
* fixed links @ past creqs
* compare word by word @ creq (trivial)
* fixed addfile confirmation page
* multiple "add to mylist" at once @ up2date (473)
* redirect from ed2kdump to massupdate (41)
* type for mass update/change (27)
* mass add eps from anime ... (28 )
* lots of minor markup changes/fixes

* new rating system
* new word by word compare @ creqpage
* Straight average in vote graph captions
* buddy anime recommendation system

* fixed bug in user list
* My History * Order of Dates Incorrect (567)
* "Delete Selected" , but nothing to select (562)
* fix for sub files @ filepage
* small change to hot anime calculation
* fixed myvote revoke issue
* fixed popup/nonav @ animepage
* profile option for jabber im service
* new personalized rss/rdf feeds for notifications
* some changes to latest files rss/rdf feed
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* file notifications can be restricted to your favourite audio/sub languages -> profile
* notifications for newly added sequels&co to animes you collect -> profile
* new mylist report "report to find missing episodes from anime in your mylist"
* new mylist report "report to find files which weren`t avdumped yet in your mylist"
* added sorting to adv. search (10)
* added tmp. rating to animelist (4)
* normal users can now see avmf dumps
* minor changes
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Post by exp »

[FEAT] first version of new user rights system
[FEAT] file mass add
[FEAT] episode mass add
[FEAT] episode mass edit
[FEAT] multilingual anime title
[FEAT] multilingual episode title
[FEAT] creqable animegroup state
[FEAT] delete creqs for basically everything
[FEAT] file move creqs
[FEAT] profile option for automated clearing of notifies upon loading of the notify history page
[FEAT] title language prefs @ profile
[FEAT] profile option to hide foreign language titles on anime page
[FEAT] profile option to hide short titles on anime page
[FEAT] latest additions page shows now verified status and language for titles and allows filtering
[FEAT] replaced mainpage top10 listing
[FEAT] send message on buddy recommendation
[FEAT] new anime notification type: complete - sends notifies only if a final ep is added by a group
[FEAT] added css dropdown list @ profile
[FEAT] first version of SVG graphs on anime history page
[BUG] temp vote possible when airing day/month is unknown
[BUG] chii fix for the obsolete year field
[BUG] bug with tons of br s in seq notifies fixed, maybe?
[BUG] Don`t report corrupted/self-edited/deleted list entries in the avdump report.
[BUG] don`t show ??.??.YYYY airdate animes in anime calendar
[MISC] various minor changes
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[FEAT] easier mass add of generic files to mylist (see bottom of anime page if no eps are expanded)
[FEAT] profile option to display language flags next to ep titles on the anime page
[BUG] some bug fixes
[MISC] css class names of language flags were changed, you'll need to update any customized css styles
[MISC] creq comment for anime/ep titles
[MISC] other minor changes
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[FEAT] new userpage (located below myplace)
[FEAT] new modreport sections for minimods
[FEAT] estonian and ukrainian language/flag
[FEAT] couple more mylist reports
[BUG] fixes for the unknown, other, instrumental and japanese transcription language to make them RFC conform CSS Example
[BUG] bugfix for not being able to sort categories by id on mydb page (601)
[BUG] bugfix for selecting start characters in title lists on mydb page (600)
[BUG] possible fix for alternative version eps being shown in up2date, i.e. part 1of2 part2of2 for a movie (595)
[BUG] couple fixes for the recently new established language system

[FEAT] Staff Page added
[FEAT] various more mod reports and a few more mylist ones
[FEAT] grouppage: last file is now last normal file
[FEAT] creqmod filter
[FEAT] creqable aproducers
[FEAT] reviewpage and compare mylist markup changes to allow css
[FEAT] languages in the grouppage
[FEAT] Overview for animegroup files (click on the released ep number in the groupinfo bit on the anime page)
[FEAT] official page is now a link in the resource column preventing too long links
[FEAT] some mod/minimod only stuff
[FEAT] serbian and croatian language added
[FEAT] User can now access the history page for entries
[BUG] clicking `more` on user pages will link you to adding a new user to your own list (617)
[BUG] When a user does not allow you to see his userpage, provide a link to his reviews (620)
[BUG] recent review votes have a feedback link, anime-specific votes do not (merged) (621)
[BUG] various minor things

[FEAT] TTH hash added [234,441]
[FEAT] various new minimod reports
[FEAT] made related entry on creq history clickable for some cases
[MISC] chinese simplified and chinese traditional added tot he list of languages
[MISC] HDTV, Blu-Ray, HDDVD added to the sourcelist [636]
[MISC] internal changes to the language system
[MISC] default css was replaced with a rewritten version (sub:grey)
[MISC] major update to the way caches are invalidated
[MISC] show title owner for verifiers
[MISC] filesize limit changed from 2gb -> 10gb [407]
[MISC] Grouppage shows all files again
[MISC] updated animeplanet link format
[MISC] change to the internal storage of hashes
[BUG] fixed menu link for minimods
[BUG] fixed the synonym part of chii`s !anime trigger

[FEAT] CRC value on mouse over `valid crc` icon (643)
[FEAT] verified anime und episodes titles & animerelations additions for my db entries (623)
[FEAT] Mylist report (stuff you saw and voted for per animeproductionyear (a bit hacky))
[MISC] cronjob to change unknown to specials only (592)
[MISC] added icelandic language
[MISC] added links to the creqguideline at various places
[BUG] massepadd/edit - creates empty english titles when using the "new" button (650)
[BUG] language selection problem in massfileadd (651)
[BUG] Attempt to fix annoying problems with new fields / fields we never want on edit forms and obsolete fields getting updated to "".
[BUG] couple more minor fixes for things from the last update

[FEAT] Allow users to link their mylist to another account (they will see the other persons mylist as if it were their own) (no editing atm)
[FEAT] It`s now possible to show just the files for a given group on the Anime page.
[FEAT] Ajaxfied group search, added simple/full view and made possible the adding of multiple streams on the fileadd page (358,357,243,649)
[FEAT] New way of handling css stylesheets on the profile page
[FEAT] anime relations creqable
[FEAT] added generic video codec icon to the filestable (287)
[FEAT] Mylist report: deleted&unwatched files (641)
[FEAT] Mylist report: Show H-Animes where uncensored version is avaible but you only have a censored version in mylist (646)
[FEAT] allow anime calendar to be ordered by air or by end date
[FEAT] Added ability to add one optional Official Title during anime add and the possibility to set the +18 category from the same page.
[FEAT] profile option `hide synonyms by default in anime lists`
[MISC] Lots of markup fixing
[MISC] internal changes regarding the generation of stats
[MISC] rename "on cd" to "archived" or soemthing similar (454)
[MISC] Adding some more checks to file-relations (634)
[MISC] creq assign dropdown->textfield
[BUG] ed2kdump used to show filename from file page, now shows filename supplied by user [654]
[BUG] mylist does not consistently respect language preference [631]
[BUG] mylist compare doesn`t show the others full list [123]
[BUG] allow vote/review when year lies in past even if month/day is unknown
[BUG] fix: "ERROR: while sending animeseq notify to 70988: 5 - ERROR: title too long!"
[REM] Expand All (mis)feature of the Anime Page

[FEAT] language filter for group info box (language is set in your profile)
[FEAT] possibility to delete messages in outbox separatly (247)
[FEAT] vote history
[FEAT] Temp votes for mylist compare (667)
[FEAT] restricted filter (pron filter) for mylist
[FEAT] type filter for mylist
[FEAT] feature for showing news headlines in the side bar
[FEAT] User that requests a buddy add gets a msg telling him that the request was accepted/denied.
[FEAT] added temp rating and review rating to all wishlist entries
[FEAT] added release info to toget wishlist entries
[FEAT] wishlist ajaxfied (dynamically sortable)
[FEAT] "completion" bar in animegroupbox
[FEAT] new way of storing search history, will allow special handling of common typos and misspellings in titles
[FEAT] group notifications added
[FEAT] priority for notifications
[FEAT] formating options for message page
[MISC] allow priority filter for rdf feeds
[MISC] moved some links to top for better visibility
[MISC] added action icons for animegroups
[MISC] userstats calculation changes
[MISC] Mylist-Compare: blank lines
[BUG] anime-group vote [rate it] doesn`t change to the number I rated on (137)
[BUG] Broken link in the mylist info box on any anime page with default lang not Romaji (partly) (022)
[BUG] fixed massediting of categories
[BUG] fixed creation of phantom eps when using massedit
[BUG] fixed "access denied" problems when trying to delete anime relations