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About the use of scripts (Ant Movie Catalog)

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:49 pm
by Amour

I would like to have some official information about the use of scripts.
Some people use a software named “Ant Movie Catalog”, which is used to collect some data about movies, cartoons, games, ...
AniDB is a great source of information for Anime, so I would like to know if it is allowed to use a script for this software to retrieve some usefull info.

An example of such script is available here:

This software has the benefice to be:
* unique for many different websites
* available in different languages

By the way, the actual script given above is not working. It looks like it is related to the data compression of the Anidb output. Does anyone knows how to solve it?

Thank you very much!

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:57 pm
by Der Idiot
use the udp api darnit! the reason of it's existance is to allow programs access to anidb's data in a away that make sit not unoparateable for the rest of it's users.
scraping the page is definitely NOT wanted nd will onyl lead to banning.

and no we definitely won#t help you getting around your gzip "problem"

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:21 pm
by Rar
Clearly there's no word for 'gzip' in french yet, this prevents amour using it.

French programmers:

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Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 2:31 am
by exp
as was already said, please stick to the UDP API, and if some info you need is missing in it, feel free to request it's addition. and we'll discuss it.