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Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 7:44 pm
by Plaii
Anyone Know Any Good Action anime that is like long going,or any good sport animes(with good grapics please).

Oh and please dont bother to post the following animes cause ive seen them already.

3)Samrai Champloo

1)Prince of tennis
2)Buzzer Beater

Thank you. :D

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:11 am
by papa_g
Try Tokko or Air Master.

Sorry, I aint a fan of the sports anime so I can't help much there.

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:24 pm
by HiEv
I'm not really too into "sports" anime, but there are a few that I liked despite that fact.

One that really surprised me was "Princess Nine". I didn't think girls playing baseball could be that interesting, but the first time she threw that pitch and the music swelled, well, I was hooked.

Right now I'm watching "Eyeshield 21", which is currently up to 114 fansubbed episodes out of over(?) 128 episodes. It's about one high school kid in Japan who is really fast, but kind of a wimp. He gets sucked into an American football team at his school and learns to overcome his weaknesses. Some of the football parts are rather inaccurate (you hardly ever see a referee or a foul called) but the story is a lot more about character growth, so you can usually look past those flaws.

Those are the only two I can think of that I've seen and really liked, but if I recall any later I'll post 'em.

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:10 pm
by Roderig
Gantz has a lot of action. As for sports, can't help you there.

Action_Sport Anime

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 12:17 am
by kron45
Have you heard of Hajime No Ippo? I know it's a little older but its really great action and sports combined...about a guy becoming a boxer. His name is Ippo Makunouchi and in the the story goes...he is a very shy high school student who never had the time to make friends because he was always busy helping his mother with the family charter boat fishing business. Because he kept to himself, a group of bullies lead by Umezawa got into the habit of picking on him. On one particular day these bullies decided to give him a rather serious beating, but a middle-weight professional boxer who was passing by stopped the bullies and took the injured Ippo to the Kamogawa Gym (鴨川ボクシングジム, Kamogawa Bokushingu Jimu?), owned by retired boxer Genji Kamogawa, to treat his wounds. After Ippo awoke to the sounds of boxers training, the boxer who saved him, Mamoru Takamura, tried to cheer Ippo up by letting him vent his frustrations on a sandbag. It was then that they had their first glimpse into Ippo's talent for boxing. After that incident, Ippo started his regular training and began his path in Japan's professional boxing.

Enjoy :D