Anime with sex scene

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Anime with sex scene

Post by chickenwing123 »

Hi there!
Is there an Anime with such a scene? A bit more then Ecchi and not so heavy stuff like the most Hentai Animes.. I dont want to throw up when i see every 2 seconds the genitals of a man :P
Maybe like the Manga 'Futari Ecchi' but with more romance etc.
Anime would be great but manga is also okay...
Thanks for any help!

PS: In the Manga 'Suzuka' is a similar scene but the girl runs away before they get started :roll:

Well... bye : )
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Post by kidan »

Green Green 13 erolutions is quite explicit. and the TV series (prequel) itself is a solid ecchi-comedy with all the sterotypes you expect to see in a show like this.
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Post by HiEv »

There's also a rather explicit sex scene in "Gantz" (somewhere around episode 14?) and a much less explicit almost sex scene in "Bokura ga Ita" at one point too. If it matters, I liked "Gantz," but not "Bokura ga Ita."
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Post by DonGato »

Paradise Kiss

BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution has a virtual sex scene. :P
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Post by Rar »

Mind Ga... seriously, this thread doesn't need t exist.