Help me find out this anime

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Help me find out this anime

Post by mitchelll7 »

The 2 real anime(not kiddie anime) i watched was this but i only saw 5 eps of it and i realy wanted to see it again.

It was on cartoon network around 2002 2001 and i also now he was newtype top 10 bad guy list of 2003(i think)

here what i can remember from the anime:
in this show there a sq it very bad luck to be in only 1 members has ever lived and he very bitter the main enemy flys around in a huge ship and he look like air from gundam wing
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Post by Tzunx »

hmmm can u give abit more info ????
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Post by Fruntxas »

Referring Gundam but probably not Gundam seed :|
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Post by Shinnew »

Probably Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Your bad luck guy would be Terry Sanders Jr. and the huge ship would be the Apsalus.
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Post by Hoerie »

That would be my guess too.