Dual Audio or Original Audio only?

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Which you do prefer?

Original audio only
Duel audio, bigger files so the quality doesnt suffer
Duel audio, same size files, reduce quality abit
Total votes: 22

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Post by suppy »

short answer: don't add it to anidb.

addition: if you want it in your mylist, add the original file and mark it as self-edited.

personal sidenote: I sure as hell don't want your crap in the DB.

apologies for my rudeness.
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Post by taltamir »

no need to apologize for rudeness... I fully understand why you are upset, and also, you shouldn't apologize if you don't mean it. You mean to be rude because you are angry at me, I understand. I knew I would be stepping on people's toes and upsetting many, but I considered the benefits that many others would receive... worth it.

I understand you don't want it "polluting" anidb. But I have to disagree about it being crap. It is always the absolute highest quality rips available with the dubs removed and the subs properly labeled. Thus making it in my opinion (and in that of people who hate dubs) the best quality files in existence. I make a point of downloading all the high quality releases and comparing them and going for the best one to make my remuxes. And only release what I consider to be top notch (other stuff I do not release, but keep for personal use).

Sooner or later it will be added to anidb by users. Again and again I am assuming... Having the admins hunt such files down constantly and attempt to remove them is... problematic to say the least. Keep in mind though the anidb is meant to index and help the scene... not control and regulate it. anidb isn't the funsubbing government, its a fansubbing database by dedicated fans...
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Post by pelican »

If you share it it can and should be in anidb, but we'd really all prefer if you just didn't share it. You're not doing anyone a favour by doing so.