Help Identify this anime series

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Help Identify this anime series

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Hi folks:

back in 2000 or so I used to see a anime series in the locomotion channel, I can't recall the tittle but I wish I could get it to see it again. I'll try to give you as mutch information as I can recall to see if someone points me a name.

I can't recall any of the character's names

I don't think it was a very large series, lostly like 10-15 episodes (or maybe less)

The plot was that there was a mad scientist that had found a way to liquidify the ice poles of the earth and so the world becomes flooded, he also develops a breed of aquatic mutant's that beguin a battle with the remaining humans.

The remaining humans prepare a last strike against the mutant fleat.

so the basic's are: large underwater battles against mutant monsters in a waterworld like scenary.

the main characters are a short hair girl and some sort of renegate anti-hero guy that starts to comunicate with the mutants

well I hope that you can help me out.


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