anime cant remember saw between 1980-1982

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anime cant remember saw between 1980-1982

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this anime i watched while stationed in Germany. it had a robot that connected in mid air, but its main base of operation was different. one was a light house the mobile unite looked more like a tyrannosaurus Rex. (not a long neck) it was maned only by 1 person. a young boy envied him and this same boy was a genius , but was ignored allot. he tried to create a mini version with the help of a manipulating scientist. the main guy was in love with the main girl , the girl is some how connected to the captain or another scientist in the lighthouse base. the young Guy loved motor cycles. the enemy had a woman that also liked him. i believe the enemy is a alien race that may have been blue, but can change their appearance. their color I'm not sure is right. i was watching Ulysses 31 also back then. most of their battle happen near the lighthouse location. i remember one episode where they kept getting caught in a endless tunnel under a city. i think that episode dealt with a museum heist .i believe the Mobile unite was also where the different parts of the robot game out of one part i know was the arms came out of the arms of the Dino looking one. i think the enemy had a different colored version of the good guy robot. i don't know if this was one that had a has changed names oer the years or if it was one that had been changed completely. i also remember that the little boy also liked to sneak on to the robot. and once i think he was in it by himself. can you help me. i looked into gaiking and it doesn't show the lighthouse or right mobile unit. so i am not sure thats the right one.
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Search for the bittorent tracker of the group "Anime in action", they have a collection of mecha anime openings, if you download the files that covers the 70's and 80's you have a pretty good chance of finding what you're looking for.