searching for a certain anime

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searching for a certain anime

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It is definitely produced before 2000, from the quality I remember it is an OVA or a movie.
Setting: historical, very dark, bloody, little bit hentai, horror?.

The pieces of the story I remember:

It starts with a christian kid that resurrects a dead person or he makes a miracle, he becomes a kind of messiahs. Time Warp

Now he is an adult, the christian community has built a castle and an army to defend or fight against the daiymos. The daimyos send an assault force of ninjas to assassine/capture (I am not sure here) the leader of the rebellion. The slaugther through the castle, they finally meet the messiahs, at first he does not like to fight the head ninja, but then a subordinate shows the corpses of children and states the ninja killed them. (the subordinate actually killed them, to enrage him, the "messiahs" was befriended with the children)

After that he gets really mad and starts to transform in a kind of dragon, only his head and arms are still there. Finally he gets badly beaten by the ninja on the edge of death he *cough* "reproduces" himself with a woman. He lays his seed in the woman and then my memory of the whole fades away, hmm perhaps it goes on.

Thx for help anyway.
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