A Unique Anime

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A Unique Anime

Post by Neko »

Hi all!
I would like to have some tips on anime titles. BUT! I don't want those usually anime titles like Love Hina or likewise.
They should be drawned like Mahou Shoujo or something. Diffrent. Something diffrent.
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Post by sjabbie »

Hmm let's see.

Zettai Shounen
Chrno Crusade
Fantastic Children
Windy Tales
Haibane Renmei

That's it for now. There are probably more, but I think you should be able to start from here ;).
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Post by Neko »

thx alot, I'm definitely gonna watch Fuujin Monogatari ( saw it in a AMV and it looked wicked)

aaaah gonna be busy for a while :) :D 8O
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Post by mizardx »

And Noein too :)
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Post by linktochaos »

I'm not sure what you mean by "unique anime" I personally find a lot of shows unique. The common trend seems to be fantasy-like anime. I think paradise kiss, he is my master, ouran high school host club (still on-going) are all unique in one way or another.
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Post by ohtoriakio »

Try Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Easily the best and most unique anime ever made! :D
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Post by narkalios »

so you want something...unique.

did you njoy Spirited Away? You thing Lord of the Rings is unique and this two worlds are charming?
Try The Twelve Kingdoms. I recomended it with all my heart...

"This anime is based on text novels written by Fuyumi Ono. It features a complex fantasy world with a rich mythology behind it. The series tells us not only Yoko Nakajima`s story, but also stories about other people who came to live in this world."
anidb comment

PS: i register in this forum (im using an greek anime forum :roll: ) only to give you this recomentation... Its rly worthing
PS2: I rly HATE fantasy genre but you know... this is ...something...unique.This anime has take a very special part in my heart.
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Post by TakeoNinja »

Oh! Super Milk-Chan <-- That's unique for you :wink:
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Post by jaret »

if you truly want a UNIQUE ANIME i highly recommend this:

1.Le Portrait de Petit Cossette (3 wonderful ovas)
2.Jigoku Shoujo (26 episodes, i've only watched 13 but it's great so far)
3.Iriya No Sora UFO no natsu (6e ova romance anime, but totally unlike Love HIna i'm sure you'll love it)
4.Hanbun no Tuski ga Noboru Sora (kinda iriya no sora, but less disturbing)

that's my top 4! i can asure you yo wont be disapointed, if you are, please pm me to tell me why you did, or to thank me for suggesting the titles
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Post by free2slap »

the only unique anime i know is HUNTER X HUNTER. i've seen a lot of anime and they dont get near this one . well except eureka seven
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Post by Saber »

Hanbun no Tuski ga Noboru Sora is great, i would like to see more but there are only 6 OVAs.
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Post by AnimeOtaku »

If you want a really unique anime you should watch Jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu (or just guu)

or something like Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai
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Post by n4rut0 »

Lol @ guu... that's real unique.. and disturbing... is even fun and scarier at the same time... ijust wonder if they were on crack while making it :P...

i feel as if u said unique taking the animation in consideration so i'd go with soultaker it have a redish dark animation and komugi is kinda cute :P

Digi charat too have a weird and unique animation... the encenary is so weird

Xxxholic too got a rather unique animation... but is from clamp so it is gay as hell.

Wait for the new powerpuff girls :P is another rather unique anime

Trava Fist Planet got a weird animation too

Mahou Shoujo tai feels good too

There are a lot more but that's the only stuff i have in my hard now so :P if i ever go and check my dvds i may come back and tell ya
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Post by mephisto2k »

My suggestion would be noein.
But for rather more unique shows you could try technolyze or serial experiments lain. They are defenitly unique.
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Post by johngen »

I can't believe no one recommended Mind Game the king of uniqueness in anime. It's a really good anime, at first it might look too weird, but after awhile it gets better, and by the end oddly enough it makes a weird sort of sense. I think every part of it was done by a different animator that's why each part of it looks different.