Tear-jerking moments in anime

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Post by Itniraan »

I actually found episode 10 of Rozen Maiden - Träumend to be really sad. The end of Chrno Crusade was also really sad.
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Post by chelseafc »

have you ever watched anime of KEY??every one can make people cry.

i think the best is kanon.expecting clannad in october
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wow, no one put mine

Post by narutaru »

firsts, someone cried during narutaru? If you cry to it, i am amazed you got that far, you need a stomach to make it through 13. (in my top 10 anime list). I didn't find mai hime sad, hmmm.

q: in escaflowne, why the hell does she go back home, so lame, good anime, stupid hitomi.

my list:

-grave of the fireflies (who doesn't)
-fushigi yuugi (whenever nuriko has her/his death scene, i can't stop, NO DONT DIE AGAIN, WHY DO I CRY EVERY TIME, IVE SEEN THE ANIME MORE THAN 6 TIMES ALREADY, THAT IS A LOT OF FUSHIGI YUUGI!!!!!!)
-seikai no senki II (I thought there was not going to be a III -_-)
-Saikano (tidal wave scene)
-Now and then, here and there (im only human, LALARU! LALARU!!!!!)
-Also Kanon (wolf girl was so cute)
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Post by Irubataru »

Byousoku 5 Centimeter (the whole movie)
Hoshi no Koe
Elfen Lied
Onegai Teacher
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Post by Roderig »

Hmm...Kanon, Kimi ga Nomozu Eien, Saikano...
I think the only addition I can make is Haibane Renmei, especially the second half.
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Post by Roderig »

Oh, Gunslinger Girl also comes to mind. Can't believe I forgot about that one.
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Post by E_chan »

- Chrono Cruasde has many sad moments.. especially the ending...
- Full Moon Wo Sagahite is really sad sometimes...it made me cry several
- Haibane Renmei. I cried so much when that girl the main character
became so close friends with disappeared...
- AIR: I cried many times in this anime..
- Iriya No sora UFO no Natsu: The ending was really sad...

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Post by j00dedf00 »

Scoff if you like, but: Black Lagoon; end of ep.15.

I REALLY get into my anime, and I often find myself imagining the situations as if they've actually happened. Perhaps it is just me, but there's just a part of me that can't settle with the brutal way those kids were treated. I knew things would end the way they did, but I wasn't expecting it so suddenly. Most of all, though was the fact that Gretel actually started to show signs of humanity before the end.

I'm not afraid to say it broke my little wussy heart.
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Post by Mortifus »

Possibly Death Note

Code Geass: Luleouch of the Rebellion.

Good anime's both. I can't wait for the second series of Code Geass (anyone got any info on the airdates? Confirmed or Rumoured?)
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