Trying To Find Anime Title

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Trying To Find Anime Title

Post by sparhawk814 »

Ok so I really don't have much to go on other than that I saw it at least 8 years ago. I remember it definitely had a giant robot that might have been named something along the lines of dynamo and it had a black white and yellow color scheme if memory serves me. I also think that the transformation sequence thing was kinda like the guy first got into a car which drove really fast out of a tunnel and hit a ramp that launched it into something like a semi-truck that turned into the robot.

It took place on Earth with a young man having to fight off a group of angel like aliens with wings that were trying the colonize the Earth because their planet was destroyed.

The aliens have a space station thing floating around Jupiter and the main character eventually meets and falls in love with the alien princess (surprise surprise). I've seriously tried to find this everywhere but seeing as how Mecha is a pretty large genre any help would be great.
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Post by Tharivol »

Yes, yes. I see what you mean. This anime is General Daimos :]

I'm not sure, if author will see that reply (thread is an old one), but... have hope ;)