Rahxephon explanation? (*spoilers*)

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Rahxephon explanation? (*spoilers*)

Post by gu »

I just finished watching the Rahxephon series, and I'm trying to get the movie now. I was really confused by the series, just as Evangelion confused me too.

So who are the Mulians? What do they want? The Bahbem Foundation wanted to bring about this 'world tuning' thing, but what were the Mulians all about? Were they designed by the Bahbems?

Why was there so much warfare going on between the Mulians and Terra/Federation?

And what did the world tuning do anyway? The world turns into an egg....... then what?

Is there a FAQ for Rahxephon anywhere? :) thanks
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Post by Elias »

Watch the movie, there are some things from serie better explained.

Mulians - some alien race, which try to live on Earth (or rather conquer/change our planet starting from Tokyo)

The Bahbem Foundation and what did the world tuning - see movie

The war - if someone will grab your capital city (maybe if it was other city, but not Tokyo - center of the world!), wouldn't you be against it?
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Post by Tharivol »

I have one question about this anime, too: why the Mulians put Tokyo into "timebubble"? It would be great if someone could explain me that :D

PS. I apologize for my english, I'm learning it only for 2 years :)
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Re: Rahxephon explanation? (*spoilers*)

Post by atreya2011 »

gu wrote:Is there a FAQ for Rahxephon anywhere? :) thanks

That FAQ should answer most of the questions that you should have. :)