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personally, I too think that we shouldn't waste time on differentiating stuff like en_US and en_GB. My post was aimed at the whole language pool. perhaps english is a bad example since it has very little variances, share the same set of glyphs and almost all english speakers can read and understand english from elsewhere.

here's a counter example:

zh (Chinese).
although zh_CN (Chinese-China) and zh_TW (Chinese,Taiwan) share a large subset of glyphs, there are enough differences that it is high possible that a native of one language cannot read the other's scripts without great difficulty. In the absence of speficied region, zh is mostly the same as zh_CN (which according to some standards like i18n, just make zh_CN inherit almost everything from zh, since all the non-region specific stuff of zh_CN are already specified in zh). In this example, I'll say that the stating of a region in language is important. (e.g. maybe some chinese-reading person can only read the subtitles written in one of the two)

And that;s just for the subbing part. Although it is unlikely, but if we ever start getting dubs in all the chinese dialects (I can't list them out, but I know that there are a lot, and they are totally different and mostly non-intercommutable. example is mandarin as spoken in beijing, china, and cantonese spoken in hong kong). Come to think of it, did we ever had this problem before??? And how did we deal with something like this? (frankly speaking, I'm a sub-over-dub person, and cannot stand badly dubbed titles, so I have turned a blind eye to all dubbed versions)

again, not trying to resurrect the dead thread... or trying to demand some features. Just take it as casual discussions to either confirm that the current practice is the most suitable, or discover if it can be improved further. perhaps should move to a new thread specifically to discuss locale issues?

...*sigh*... side effects of having been made to internationalize our company software products and weeks of research on localization == multilingual all over my brain. LOL...
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the current approach on anidb is to add local dialects as a separate language, if needed.

I.e. we have:
chinese (unspecified)
chinese (simplified) [sub]
chinese (traditional) [sub]
chinese (cantonese) [dub]
chinese (mandarin) [dub]
chinese (taiwanese) [dub]
brazilian portuguese