Temp Rating - something is missing

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Temp Rating - something is missing

Post by Desmond » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:02 pm

here are 2 things beside the common questions about the rating system itself

1st - the temp rating in the animelist is worthless as it is now
to show what i mean: what is the question - what do i want to see if i'm sorting the temp votes?
i want to find anime, which are actually running in japan and aren't fully aired by now. what do i get? everything, but nothing from what i'm looking for
i dont need a temp rating from a series that has 1000+ votes in full rating and i dont need a temp rating from series from 19XX
so i hope there could be a change - at least something like this "hide animes i have" - "hide animes which are completely aired by now"

2nd - what for are temp votes for movies and 1 ep ovas?
if someone has seen this, he automaticaly has seen this complete and there is no reason to give a temp vote

(the 2nd is only something small - but the 1st is something i realy wish)

thank you very much

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