[EDIT] appleseed (2004)

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[EDIT] appleseed (2004)

Post by newbiebob »


i just got the a4e appleseed version 2, 2 cd encode from the irc channel and part 1 doesn't look like the file listed at all.

the file id is 209675
listed size is 714.595.732
the file i got is 735.203.396

crc and ed2k obviously dont match either

i tried finding an official crc on the groups website, but they only have version 1 crcs and the dts version 2 listed and this one's missing. if you check their bot list however (also available on the web site) you can see that it lists the filesize as 701mb which matches my file and not the one listed here. since my file came from that bot, and since it is named "[a4e]Appleseed_Movie_2004_CD1_v2[h.264].mkv", i do believe i have the right file.

the part 2 i have looks exactly like the one listed (file 209676).
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Post by Elias »

You must have than this file:
http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... 93&nonav=1
So hash and other info for both files looks correct, maybe only version numbers are switched (version number in filename is not very creditible proof imho).
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Post by newbiebob »

nope, its not version 1. i have that too and it matches the file you linked to. what i apparently got from the a4e bot is a file that is not listed at all. notice that the exact file size (735.203.396) is not listed anywhere. part 1 of version 1 is 735.307.719 - close, but not the same. i only looked at the first couple of minutes, but it seems to be the right file too. i also noticed that the jerky pan across all those destroyed buildings - the first scene - is a lot smoother when compared to a4e version 1. which was the reason i checked for a better version in the first place. :)

i agree on the version number in filename thing, but nonetheless the file should be listed somewhere. especially, if it is the only one currently avaiable from that group (excluding the dts version of course). mabye it's version 3.

the file i have:

sfv : AC62FF3E
md5 : 94b3fa454b2a0a257ba9334a9208c880
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Post by Hoerie »

Maybe this sounds stupid, but if you got it from a4e's bot, why don't you ask them?
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Post by Boino »

he had,and it's no new file... no v2.....