Problems Accessing Site

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Problems Accessing Site

Post by BoostAddict »

Im trying to go to but everytime I try to access it using Maxthon or IE, it always asks me to "save" it to my computer

It won't open up or anything

So I tried it with firefox, and it works
but Maxthon is my main browser that I'd like to use

anyone know why?
It worked yesterday, before I had to do an emergency format
Ever since then, nothing's gone right

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Post by Rar »

IE and derivatives are unsupported, and your life will be better if you no longer use them. However if you have a latest version, and maybe do some preferences thing somewhere to stop it being borked over gz encoded content, *this particular* issue is resolvable. Other problems with IE are not fixable.


Some preferences thing... maybe: <Fafnir> ...check the option "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections" in IE option, advanced
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Post by AnimeOtaku »

Maxthon uses the IE too

so it's nearly the same

use Firefox or mozilla. (both on

I don't know why, but on my ie (at work) I have no problem getting on the site. Here I have PS2 on it. Maybe thats the problem with ie...
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Post by chocky »

Start IE

Go to Internet Options then the Advanced Tab

Make sure both

Use HTTP 1.1
Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections

are ticked.
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Post by rikis »

Eee... And if my proxy supports only HTTP 1.0?
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Post by ricce »

rikis wrote:Eee... And if my proxy supports only HTTP 1.0?
Then you need to upgrade your proxy software
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Post by Gnome »

I think proxy sofware... though....