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Firefox Addin

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I would love to see a addin to firefox for a search function. rather than have the google bar up there, i would love to have an anidb bar up there. :-P
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FireFox AniDB Plugin in HERE!

Post by tranceffect »

I put this little Firefox plugin together.
You can download it from my website...

For Automatic Install (Requires JavaScripts Enabled) follow this link

For Manual Install
If you have problems with that top link you can download it manually and follow the instructions below as to how to install it.
Unzip the AniDB.src and AniDB.png files and place them in the following location in your FireFox Install Folder (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins)

Restart Firefox and there you have it.
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Post by TechNiko »

Cool, thanks.